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Licheng scorpion industry, founded in 1981, is engaged in the earlier study on the extraction technology of scorpion venom and scorpion venom of scorpion venom component analysis and medicinal value of the enterprises, have in-depth study and valuable first-hand information on the medicinal value of scorpion venom components, first in China and by major pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to carry out cooperation of scorpion toxic drug development.

My field covers an area of 1000 square meters, the size of three-dimensional culture of more than 3000 square meters, is a large professional scorpion breeding, soil yuan breeding, Tenebrio breeding and technology promotion, product acquisition, processing and sales of farming base. After years of research and practice, the base has mature breeding technology, advanced breeding equipment, prolific breeding pool construction program. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, easy management, high benefit, etc., and constantly summarizes the experience in the course of breeding, and has successively developed an indoor support, a pot raising, a pond raising, a field imitation ecological field aquaculture mode, etc.. Base using high-density constant hibernation breeding technology, so that scorpion production cycle is greatly shortened, the scorpion small-scale workshop farming into large-scale base farming. The production base of hundreds of tons of scorpion, attracted the country manufacturers have come to order. Based on honesty, the pursuit of excellence, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, culture. This year provides high-quality live scorpion, scorpion venom, scorpion species, imparting scorpion breeding techniques and scorpion venom extraction technology.

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Address: Henan - Dengfeng - Zheng Zhuang Xu Township 2 kilometers (Licheng scorpion farm)

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